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our team

business development
It technologies professional, e-business supervisor.
Web content manager for, european leader in the online travel and leisure ecommerce; technical supervisor for the implementation of the web portal in particular regarding the development of the wireless platform.
Production manager for the St - Production, Saint Tropez (France)

Rosella Gioffré - marketing
Development and management of events and convention for the development of the European movie industry. Participation to the main film festival as representative of the European movie market. PR and intermediation for the development of partnerships e co-production projects in the motion pictures industry.
Realization of economical plans and budget reports regarding the movie market in Europe .
Consultant for MEDIA Salles, a company part of the MEDIA programme sponsored by the European Union and by the Italian government.

Cesare Raina - commercial
Supply Manager for Italy in Milan.
Commercial promoter for "Vacanze nel Mondo" owned by I Viaggi del Ventaglio.

Thomas Eagle - art director, webdesign

Stefano Capasso - development IT
Web and IT development. Also in charge of the basic consultancy with the popvision customers.

Fabrizio Montanari - economical researches
Undergraduate economists and manger in Bocconi University. Researcher for the CRORA for the SDA Bocconi regarding HR and Cultural Management themes in cinema, museums and sport.

Alessia Sartirana - marketing
Marketing & Club Metro for METRO Advertising - Free Press

Cristina Piza - creative
Professional photographer from Berlin.

Marino Walter- creative
Professional photographer from Saint Tropez.